Denise Trevino From the very beginning stages of planning our intercultural youth retreat together, I found Alan to be unbelievably easy to work with, so accomodating to our needs and schedules, highly creative, and very professional and detailed oriented. I can genuinely say he has one of the most positive, up-lifting and friendly personalities I've ever seen in a trainer. —Denise Trevino, Episcopal Diocese of Texas
Alan does a great job building workshops to include fun, reflection and learning. Our participants started these sessions feeling shy and nervous but within minutes were having fun, using their imagination, and applying the activities to their internship responsibilities. I highly recommend Alan to assist in building strong teams and teaching facilitation skills to student leaders. —Lisa Predovich, College Success Foundation
Alan Wong has been a favorite trainer at our training institute for the last 7 years. His professionalism and easy manner make it a pleasure to work with him. He has a way about him that makes participants in his workshops feel secure and safe to explore their creative sides. Out of the approximately 20 trainers we use each year at our training institute, Alan consistently gets rave reviews from our participants. —Terri Jack, Washington Service Corps
The students were engaged, laughing, taking risks, and sharing. It can be hard to get students in my program to attend events because they are juggling school and other life responsibilities. But students left Alan's workshop energized and eager for more opportunities to engage with the program. This is what I hoped for, and Alan more than delivered. —Linda Summers, Everett Community College
Robin Bernardi Youth events like ours are complex, very dynamic, and have many moving pieces. They demand facilitators to problem-solve in highly stressful situations;  to read the needs of many groups, individuals, and the whole all at the same time;  to design programming on the spot to meet immediate needs of the group;  and manage many careful conversations and negotiations. Even in the midst of all of this, Alan's gentleness, joy and compassion over-arches—and his ability to connect with and bring out the best in youth and staff alike is strongly apparent. —Robin Bernardi, Culture Jam
This workshop should be required for anyone dealing with people. I got some great inspiration for activities to use and really enjoyed the chance to reflect on this year of service and what I hope to achieve. Alan Wong is an expert facilitator and really seems to enjoy what he's doing. —Participant in Washington Service Corps Professional Development Conference
Alan does not talk down to my teaching methods students. When he comes in to the classroom at UW he meets them where they are but also has high expectations. They instantly feel comfortable with him. My students have repeatedly incorporated the games or structures Alan introduces to them into their teaching experiences in the field. Alan comes into a classroom full of dance majors each year and teaches them with utmost care and respect. He has had a huge impact on their overall experience in the course I teach. The methods he employs stay with them. —Jen Salk, University of Washington School of Dance
Alan has a gentle and encouraging spirit that made it easy for folks to feel relaxed and safe.The youth leaders really bonded through the experience, grew as individuals and shared parts of themselves that I had not seen before. Alan teaches in a way that is fun, engaging, thoughtful and empowering! He truly brought our group closer and helped us grow individually and as a team! —Margaret Irribarra, University Congregational Church
One of the qualities I most admire about Alan is his deep integrity.  He is one of the most authentic people I have ever worked with, and he never compromises his values to solve a problem or get cooperation.  Alan is totally devoted to his work, so that just by being fully who he is, he sets a very high standard for those around him.  I trust him completely, and have never doubted his commitment or dedication to making everyone's experience at Culture Jam as rich and meaningful as it can possibly be. —Leslie Scott, Culture Jam
Kat Vellos Alan Wong is a fabulous and deeply skilled facilitator — he knows how to create safe and inviting spaces, has a warm and friendly demeanor that puts others at ease, and he deftly navigates challenging situations with respect, honor, and integrity. —Kat Vellos, Kalani Honua
I have never in my life seen or been in such an inspiring group of different people. —Participant in Youth Leadership Program
Alan has the unique gift of guiding youth with a gentle spirit and patience while at the same time leading with a distinct purpose, establishing clear boundaries, and delivering meaningful and engaging workshops. The youth at my middle school expressed an undeniable trust in Alan, both in words and in their creative risk-taking. The Leadership Days were praised by both teachers and students alike as deeply meaningful. I would highly recommend Alan's facilitation to any school or youth program looking to expand their youth's thinking about themselves, their creativity, their community, or their world. —Molly Westring, Middle School Counselor
My gratitude for your commitment to this work – and to Alan for so fully embodying these amazing facilitation skills. It's so easy/automatic to learn from and with such great leadership.—Participant in Arts-Based Facilitation Training
Eduardo Mendonça Participants have in Alan a role model who delivers a message of love and care, which is much needed in today's world. —Eduardo Mendonça, Show Brazil Productions and Arts Corps
All of the member feedback from this training was positive and to this day, 5 months later, I still have individuals who remark that it was the most meaningful training of their service year. I would highly recommend Alan Wong to any program looking for an effective trainer with the ability to motivate individuals to actively participate in a learning environment. —Djuna Davidson, Team Coordinator, Washington Reading Corps
I truly enjoyed Alan's workshop. What we learned there, I'm actually using in my school and in my personal life. I enjoyed every positive moment, because that's what it was: Positive, motivational, and moving. —Participant in Washington Service Corps Professional Development Conference
I learned to love myself, to accept others as they are, and receive the world with open arms. —Participant in Week-long Youth Empowerment Camp
Gia Duke I hired Alan as a lead facilitator for our first Re:mix foster youth creative arts and wilderness retreat. He was instrumental in making it a success. Alan’s willingness to put himself out there fully with each exercise, lesson or guided adventure allowed for students and adults alike to feel welcomed to participate and show up as they are. Everyone felt comfortable being silly, sharing from the heart and taking risks without any judgment. If anyone had a moment of vulnerability or fear it didn’t last long due to Alan’s guidance and encouragement. He’s so in tune with the youth and meeting them right where they’re at while empowering them by setting challenging expectations he knew they could meet. It’s amazing the growth that can happen in just four days. Everyone left touched by Alan’s presence. The kids loved him. The adults loved him. And everyone participated, laughed, played and learned from him. —Gia States, Re:mix Foster Youth Program
I learned what it means to be human and that we are ALL human.—Participant in Week-long Youth Empowerment Camp
Joyful, deeply human and highly knowledgeable, Alan is a fantastic facilitator. His programs engage participants to their core and those who are lucky enough to be part of them are measurably changed.—Rebekka Goldsmith, Singer, Facilitator and Music Teacher
Alan brings a deep-seated calm, a sense of humor, and a real belief in the value of each person's story that is clearly visible in his words and actions.—Dana Bettinger, University Prep School
Alekzandr Wray Alan is fun, witty, personable and is capable of creating meaningful relational bonds almost instantly. After working with Alan, our youth are much more comfortable in their ability to lead small groups and can lead group discussions like champions. I would strongly recommend Alan’s services to anybody working with young people. —Alekzandr Wray, OneWorld Now!
Alan is easy to work with and plans the activities to meet our team’s goals. My staff and I all had a really good time and learned a lot that applies to our daily work! —Angela Lee, Asian Counseling and Referral Services
Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, strengthening, empowering culture! —Participant in Week-long Youth Empowerment Camp