Youth Empowerment

Alan leads inspiring and energetic youth empowerment workshops, trainings, conferences, and retreats. His approach to youth work is one which recognizes the innate wisdom and potential of young people, and helps individuals from all backgrounds to grow as leaders and as human beings

Youth Community-Building and Retreat Programs:

Alan's Community-Building programs bring together youth from all walks of life to build safe and supportive learning communities that develop creativity, self-esteem, cross-cultural understanding, and leadership skills — all while having a great time together.

It’s amazing the growth that can happen in just four days. Everyone left touched by Alan’s presence. The kids loved him, the adults loved him, and everyone participated, laughed, played and learned from him. —Gia States, Re:mix for youth

Youth Leadership Trainings:

Alan's Youth Leadership trainings help young people to get in touch with their innate gifts and abilities within an affirming and inspiring community of peers. Topics can include: leadership and facilitation skills, effective communication, creative development, cross-cultural communication, community engagement, and more.

I have never in my life seen or been in such an inspiring group of different people. —Participant in youth leadership program

Arts-Based Education:

Alan is an innovative and inspiring poet, musician and teaching artist. His creative writing, poetry, hip-hop and song-writing workshops help young people to access their own authentic voices, and to grow both as writers and as human beings. In the over ten years that Alan has worked as a writing teacher, he has created and facilitated successful programs in schools, community centers, and youth empowerment programs throughout Seattle and the state of Washington.

I felt as though I learned more about my students in the 30 seconds they each spent reading (their poems) than I have in all the time I have known them. —Art teacher at a Seattle independent school